Adult Comprehensive Training

Adult Comprehensive Training (ACT) is designed to provide individual training to adults, age 22 years and older, based on priorities established by each person and their support team.

This training helps to promote social and interpersonal skills, builds personal care skills and develops community awareness. Physical needs of the individual are also addressed. 

A full-service medical facility offers a complete range of health care services, including dental care, physical and occupational therapy, along with hydrotherapy to challenge the body, while speech therapy provides the latest technological advances in the area of communication.

ACT addresses the personal outcomes of each person through a wide array of augmentative interventions which most community agencies serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities simply do not offer.  We refer to these augmentative services as enhancement opportunities, which include:

  1. Physical education services through the use of a fully-equipped gymnasium and a full-sized Olympic pool
  2. Art services provided by a 30-year veteran graphic designer who specializes in three-dimensional art in the delivery of habilitation services
  3. Music services provided by a talented music professional with several years of experience in the field of mental retardation
  4. A full array of multi-sensory orchestrated training environments (e.g. Snoezelen Room and Virtual Interactive Kinetic Experience (VIK-E) room).

ACT has been very successful in preparing individuals for full-time vocational experiences as well as other personal achievements which create a well-rounded interdependent lifestyle.

The hours of operation for the Orange Grove Center varies depending upon the program and service. The main facility with offices and facility based day services is generally open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. However, there are numerous services taking place throughout the community at varied days and times. Residential and home based services are 24 hour in nature and are provided based upon the needs and requests of the individuals served. 

Adult Comprehensive Training
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