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Orange Grove Center's Community Supports recognizes and supports individuals to freely make informed choices. Those who choose to work to achieve their visions are supported in a timely manner. The employment staff reaches out to area businesses and employers as they seek to offer meaningful work opportunities to the adults we serve. Orange Grove serves 135 individuals in our work programs. Below are descriptions of our work programs.    


There are several components of supported employment. This program offers part-time and full-time work opportunities for individual to work in their community. Long-term follow along services help ensure each individual is successful in their job placement.

Enclaves are developed with area businesses to provide meaningful work for individuals served by Orange Grove Center. The businesses provides work to be completed or assembled at their business. Orange Grove Center will provide a supervisor and two or more individuals to employ these opportunities. All work is based on time studies and the salaries of the individuals are based on production.                 

Working with the Division of Rehabilitation Services Orange Grove Center is able to provide employment services to individuals with disabilities throughout the Chattanooga area. We offer the individual job readiness training before placement to insure that the individual is ready to perform basic skills at the highest performance level. Jobs are secured by the employment staff. Job development occurs throughout the Chattanooga area meeting the skill level of the individual.           

Offers the individual a course to prepare themselves for employment working through such things as; application completion, developing resumes, posturing for an interview, dressing for success, and mark interviews.       

Provides an opportunity for individuals to participate in a work environment and they must complete three hundred hours of training. This training help get ready the individual for employment. It prepares them for the job environment and integration with co-works. Soft skills are taught such as; reporting to work on time, preparing self for the work day, being a team player, completing task in a timely manner, and helping co-works.        

This program offers a individual a skill that can be used in factory employment. The heavy equipment training offers a certification that may be recognized by employers or let known that the individual has received training. This is a thirty hour course. The individual must pass all OSHA trainings.                 

This program offers a chance for individuals to explore the community of Chattanooga. It offers people a chance to integrate with others in community events. The Community Participation program involves individuals in meaningful activities such as paying bills, shopping, exploring the community by visiting local fire stations, police stations, hospitals and more. Through the Community Participation program individuals have opportunities to volunteer in the community and explore work opportunities for the future.

Social Security's Ticket to Work program at Orange Grove Center can help individuals with a ticket find meaningful work. The person must be between the ages of 18 through 64 and receive Social Security disability benefits, they can take advantage of this free service.

Community Supports
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