Ruth Toon, Director of Residential Habilitation

Ruth brings a rich history of experience in the field of intellectual disabilities to her role as director of Residential Habilitation Homes operated by Orange Grove.  The 25 residences in this division provide housing for 146 individuals, and accomodate four to eight persons.

Ruth began her career with Greene Valley Developmental Center, as part of the community services division.  She came to Orange Grove in 1992 as the senior coordinator for HUD services. At that time Orange Grove had one residential department. With the transition of individuals from Greene Valley to the community, OGC  built 10 new  ICF/MR homes to serve this need, and Ruth was promoted as Director of ICF/MR services to lead the expansion.

She was instrumental in developing the first retirement homes for individuals with intellectual disabilities, and opened the two sites at Cummings Highway.  In 2001, the trend was shifting to Supportive Living Services as an option for individuals and their families. To meet this need, Ruth moved from ICF to develop the expanded Supported Living, and additionally provide direction to the Residential Habilitation sites.

Ruth is a graduate of East Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Social Work, and graduate work in special education at UTC.  She has participated in the University of Minnesota National Training Institute for Front Line Supervisors. She has presented at the AAMR international conferences in San Diego and Montreal.




Residential Habilitation
Ruth Toon, Director of Residential Habilitation

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