Behavior Services

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a way of understanding how experiential and biological factors affect behavior.  Behavior analysts attempt to assess these factors and come to an understanding of what circumstances come before and follow the behavior. 

At Orange Grove Center, our goal is to increase the quality of life of the individuals we serve and those in the community, by providing high-quality, effective interventions for children and adults of all ages and all levels of abilities. 

Our services are designed to identify the purpose the behavior serves the individual and to develop interventions focused on preventing problem behaviors and teaching replacement behaviors.

The behavior analyst will work with the family and staff to:

  • ID specific behaviors of concern and goals for the individual
  • Determine the circumstances that affect the individual's behaviors and the purpose (function) it is serving. 
  • Create a Behavior Support Plan (BSP) that includes strategies to:
    • Prevent problems by changing aspect of the environment
    • Teach skills (e.g., communication) to replace problem behaviors
    • Respond differently to encourage positive behaviors
    • Provide training to staff and families
    • Monitor and evaluate the progress

We are also able to provide effective interventions to individuals who are diagnosed with dementia and related disorders.  Our behavior analyst is up-to-date on current research on applied behavior analysis interventions for individuals with dementia, and has taken the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) dementia care training.

We are State of Tennessee, Division of Intellectual Disabilities Services (DIDD) approved to provide waiver behavior services.  We follow the DIDD provider manual (specifically Chapter 12) when providing behavior services. 

Referrals are accepted through the independent support coordinator (ISC). Contact us directly for services at (423) 629-1451, ext. 2481. 

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