Providing transportation services for more than 500 individuals of Orange Grove Center is a unique challenge. Blending the needs of adults and school-age clients requires flexibility, creativity and diligence.

Orange Grove transportation operates 152 vehicles in its fleet. This total includes 23 school buses, 56 vans, 29 mini-vans, 14 pick up trucks, 12 automobiles, 14 mini-buses, two straight truck, and two brush trucks. Fifty-eight of our vehicles are wheelchair accessible.  Our buses and route vans provide transportation services to individuals throughout Hamilton County and surrounding areas.

Our transportation department provides critical support to many clients pursuing vocational opportunities in the community. Community integration trips allow persons with disabilities to daily access many area sites of interest.  It is our goal to ensure that the challenges associated with special transportation do not present an insurmountable barrier, preventing clients from assessing the community in which they live.

Diligent maintenance, comprehensive training, creative planning, and adaptive alternatives allow Orange Grove to provide, safe, efficient and appropriate transportation to everyone who needs it.


Orange Grove Center • 615 Derby Street • Chattanooga, Tennessee 37404 • Phone: 423.629.1451