Jenny Foster, Director of Compliance and Training

Jenny Foster has worked at Orange Grove Center for over thirty four years. She presently holds the position of Director of Compliance and Training. She began as a special education teacher and held this position for three years.


For twenty years she worked in the Residential Service Program serving fourteen years as the director. She supervised over two hundred employees, been involved in the development of individualized programs for Individuals served, in establishment of staff development programs and in the development of new residential placements. She has also been responsible for the development and accountability of a budget of over four million dollars.


In her present position, she has developed a complete Agency Management Plan which meets state and federal requirements. She has developed and coordinates a center wide improvement plan for all state and federal monitoring systems and supervises a center wide Incident Management Program. Jenny is responsible for a Comprehensive Staff Training Program for all Staff including Direct Support Professionals as well as Supervisory  Staff.


She completed her degree at the University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS. She received her Bachelor of Education in 1972 and a Master's in Special Education in 1973.


She has been a member of the Mississippi University Affiliated Program Faculty and a contributing facilitator for the Supportive Care Specialist Program at Chattanooga State.  Jenny has participated in the National Training Institute For Frontline Supervisors through the University of Minnesota Research and Training Center on Community Living, Institute on Community Integration.


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Jenny Foster, Director of Compliance and Training

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