Family Support Program Service Description

Tennessee Family Support Program


The Family Support Program does not generally provide funding for the following items/services:

Rent, utilities, property taxes
Car payments, gasoline, car insurance, routine car maintenence
Health insurance premiums
Cosmetic repairs to the home {housing repairs are only done when there is an immediate health/safety risk}
General clothing, shoes
School supplies, textbooks, homeschooling supplies, tutoring services
Presents, televisions, cameras, video games/devices, toys
Household items
Furniture (except mattresses)
Pools, Trampolines, Swing Sets


The following is an overview of services/supports frequently funded by the Family Support Program.

Specialized equipment- assistive devices, adaptive aids, communication devices, hearing devices, orthotics, sensory items, specialized lifts, positioning equipment, wheelchairs, seating devices, adaptive special needs strollers/car seats, assistive technology and software.

Home modifications-may include repairs or modifications to a person's place of residence that are needed to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of the person or to enable the person to function with greater independence. Examples include, but are not limited to: wheelchair ramps, widening of doorways, modifications of bathroom and kitchen facilities. *Repairs and modifications (other than wheelchair ramps) cannot be completed to rental homes or Section 8 homes. Proof of home ownership will be required. All repairs/modifications must be completed by a licensed contractor.

Vehicle modifications- include lifts that allow access to the vehicle, interior modifications such as grab bars, head/leg rests, devices to secure wheelchairs in a stationary position, safety belts, steering control adaptations, changes to car pedals, and remote switches.

Day care-a service that typically provides out of home care for a child or adult on a regular ongoing basis. Generally, day care is provided to enable a caregiver to engage in a regularly scheduled activity such as employment.

Specialized nutrition- may include services performed by a Nutritionist or Dietician and food items such as ensure, boost, and thick-it.

Health related- includes services provided by a licensed health provider and may include dental care, vision/hearing care, medicine, medical bills, and therapies. Health Related may also cover the cost of non-prescription items such as over the counter medications, toileting supplies, first aid supplies and other items needed for the health or welfare of the person with a disability.

Personal assistance- provides in-home or community support to a adult with a disability who lives alone or with an aging/disabled caregiver. Services may include assistance with bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, eating, meal preparation, laundry, general housecleaning, grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, and medical appointments. Paid service providers cannot be the spouse, the parent or guardian/conservator of an adult or minor child, or another family member living in the same residence as the person receiving the personal assistance.

Homemaker services- {for adults living alone or with an aging/disabled caregiver} include general household activities and chores such as sweeping, mopping, dusting, changing linens, making beds, washing dishes, laundry, meal preparation, and assistance with maintenance of a safe environment. Paid service providers cannot be the spouse, the parent or guardian/conservator, or another family member living in the same residence as the person receiving homemaker services.

Respite- a service that provides a break for the caregiver. It is also referred to as "sitter services". Paid service providers cannot be the spouse, the parent or guardian/conservator of an adult or minor child, or another family member living in the same residence as the person receiving respite services.

Recreation/summer camp- may include, but is not limited to, the cost of attendance at camp for either a child or adult with disabilities, therapeutic activities, horse therapy, swimming, YMCA activities, and participation in other community recreational activities.

Behavior therapy services- include assessment and implementation of behavior intervention strategies. Behavior Services must be provided by a credentialed professional.

Medical travel- includes mileage and/or lodging associated with transporting a person with a disability from rural areas to a distant medical appointment.

Transportation- includes the cost of minor auto repairs to ensure a person with a disability has access to their community and medical appointments.



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