Frequently asked questions


What disabilities are eligible for the program?

We consider all severe disabilities however your disability must significantly impact your daily life and must be permanent. We do not provide funding for those who only have a diagnosis of mental illness.

I am on social security disability but I was denied by the Family Support Program. Why?

Just because your receive social security disability does not mean you are eligible for Family Support funding. In order to be eligible for the program, your disability must be severe and significantly impact multiple areas of your daily life.

Does the Family Support Program have income limits?

No, we are open to adults and families of all income levels.


What information do I need to have to apply? 

You will need to have proof of residency, proof of disability, and proof of US Citizenship. For detailed information click here.  For some services such as a home modifications you will also need quotes from licensed contractors. Other services that require quotes include vehicle modifications, housing repairs, and dental care.


I need dental care. Do I have to have a quote?  If you have a quote please send in with your application. If you do not have a quote and cannot afford to get one {most dental quotes require an office visit} we can help you get one once you have been approved.


Do I have to have an intellectual disability to receive funding?

No, you do not have to have an intellectual disability. We consider most disabilities excluding mental illness.

Who decides if I get approved for funding?

The Family Support Program is governed by a Council made up of volunteers who approve all funding requests. Many of these volunteers either have a severe disability or have a child with a severe disability.

I am severely disabled {meet all eligibility requirements} but I got a letter saying I was not selected for funding and I am on the waiting list. What does this mean?

Due to limited funding, not all clients who are eligible to receive funding are selected to receive funding. The Family Support Council decides on the priorities for funding every year and this determines who gets selected to receive funding.

Can I have modifications done to my home if I am renting or Section 8?

The only modifications available for rental homes are wheelchair ramps but you must get permission from your landlord.

How much money is available for me to get?

The amount of funding you receive depends upon the service requested and the amount of funding remaining in your county.  The maximum amount of funding any client can receive is $3500 but most clients get $2000 or less. 

I received funding last year. Do I have to reapply to get funding for the next year?

Yes, clients must reapply every year. This is usually done in January and February.


Can the Family Support Program pay my parents to help me in my home? 

No, parents/guardians/spouses cannot  be paid caregivers through the Family Support Program. We also cannot pay other relatives who live inside the home. 


I need a home modification. Can I hire anyone I want to build a ramp for me?  

You can choose who you want to hire but they must be a licensed contractor and they must be willing to complete an IRS W-9 form.


 I need respite. Do you provide sitters?

No, the Family Support Program only provides funding. You must find a sitter or someone to help you.

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