Workplace Wellness


The staff of Orange Grove Center established a Workplace Wellness initiative promoting health-related activities, healthy lifestyles, behaviors and outcomes, and health education.


The program is designed to help staff who may be faced with or to prevent obesity and chronic diseases, due to sedentary lifestyles and poor health and wellness habits.  The Workplace Wellness committee, represented by staff from all departments, makes decisions regarding wellness events and activities to continually promote and establish a balanced wellness program.


Workplace Wellness is available to all staff, and includes Lunch and Learns, walking programs and additional offerings toward a better you. The ultimate goal is a healthier Orange Grove, resulting in a reduction in time off due to illness and a decrease in medical issues.


Staff may refer to the Workplace Wellness brochure to learn how they may earn credit and prizes for their participation in the program.



Orange Grove Center • 615 Derby Street • Chattanooga, Tennessee 37404 • Phone: 423.629.1451