Facility Based Day Committee Subgroups

Thank you for your involvement in the Facility Based Day Committee of community agencies. If you have not already done so, please signup for one of the four workgroups by checking a box below.


  1. Education/Research on CMS and State Expectations/Rules Interpretations - Lee Chase, Chair

Current Committee Members - Donna Saunders, Darlene Baskette, Scott Deli, Becky Massey, Allen Nope

This group will research CMS Rule Interpretations and provide data/materials to the other three groups. Additionally this group will communicate with other states/state provider associations to determine to what extent the facility based question/ruling is being interpreted within those states and what, if any particular timelines are being set for facility based day. Additionally to determine any unique basis/techniques for bringing the community into the facility in order to meet the guidelines.


    2.   Policy Development Statement - Kyle Hauth, Chair

Current Committee Members - Robert Wright, Saretha McDaniel

This group will evaluate existing policies of TN State Government with regard to Facility Based services and compare said policies to the DIDD/TennCare ideologies currently espoused regarding Facility Based services. The group will work collaboratively with the other FB Committee subgroups in devising recommended policies and practices that will solidify expectations of providers who choose to continue some level of facility based support. This Committee's first charge is to formalize the philosophy and beliefs of the entire FB Committee with regard to the rights of individuals with ID to choose the type and quantity of service that best fits their needs.

     3.  Family Engagement - Bonnie Guthrie - Jim Gillen Co-Chairs

Current Committee Members - Stephanie Ray, Joe Turner, Betty Gamble

This group will develop strategies for the group to take back to their respective agencies to generate family support for a continuation of facility based day services as currently provided under the existing 1915c Waiver. This may include a template for organizing family meetings with elected officials, generating a media campaign to inform the public of the changes, initiating letter writing/petition campaigns to express family preferences in future services models.

     4.    Collaborative Marketing - Dr. Rick Rader, Chair

Current Committee Members - Danielle Cole, Tina Jones

This group will coordinate the messages of the FB Committee and ensure that all communications to external entities closely reflect the agreed upon beliefs of the FB Committee. Once the core principles of the FB Committee are formalized, this committee will develop the strategies to release this information and engage the needed stakeholders in order to gain a widespread knowledge of the current and anticipated circumstances faced by FB Providers as well as acceptance and support for its work.


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Facility Based Day Committee Subgroups
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