OGC Sick Leave Bank Policy

Orange Grove employees may join the Sick Leave Bank by completing the following simple form (please read the policy pasted below in full prior to compelting the form). 

Sick Leave Bank Form



Please review the following policy for a complete explanation of the program:


Orange Grove Center Sick Leave Bank


The purpose of the sick leave bank is to provide sick leave to employees who have suffered a serious personal illness, injury or disability and whose paid leave is exhausted. Serious implies an unplanned life threatening or severely incapacitating condition which extensive medical treatment or prolonged absence from work is necessary. Illness or medical problems of a short-term nature shall not be considered serious.

A Committee of employees shall administer the sick leave bank. The Committee shall be composed of eleven (11) members: two (2) Departmental Directors; two (2) Departmental Coordinators; six (6) representatives from various other departments and one (1) HR representative, who shall serve as facilitator. The HR Director or Designee will identify and confirm acceptance of these Committee Members. Committee Members must be active and in good standing as a member of the Sick Leave Bank. All actions of the committee shall require six (6) affirmative votes and shall be final and binding. All committee members shall serve a two year term.

All persons employed with OGC who are entitled to sick leave in accordance with company policy shall be eligible to participate in the sick leave bank after one year of service. Any staff member who wishes to join the Sick Leave Bank must donate at least 1 day (7.5 hours) sick leave or vacation leave to the bank and agree to follow the guidelines of the bank. A minimum participation of 50 members and 50 days (375 hours) sick leave is required to establish the bank. Members will be expected to give no more than one day of sick leave or vacation leave to the bank each year. However, every effort will be made to recruit enough members so that even fewer days will be required of the membership. Recruitment efforts will take place by HR personnel throughout the year in order to maintain an adequate bank balance.

The following rules apply to all eligible employees:

An employee who elects to participate in the bank shall initially have one (1) day of sick leave deducted from his/her personal accumulation and deposited to the sick leave bank. Donations of sick leave to the bank are non-refundable, unless the bank is dissolved. Employees may choose to contribute additional days as desired.

Employees shall be eligible to join one year after their hire date.

Employees shall be eligible to request days from the bank fifteen (15) calendar days after joining the sick leave bank.

Days from the bank must be approved by the committee and shall be in units of no more than twenty (20) regular scheduled work days for the applicant. Employees may submit requests for extensions before their prior grant expires. The maximum number of days any employee may receive in any calendar year is sixty (60). The maximum number of days any member may receive as a result of any one or recurring diagnosed illness, or accident is ninety (90) days. Days from the bank may not be utilized for those days when an employee would receive pay.

In the event an employee is physically or mentally unable to make a request to the sick leave bank for use of sick leave days, a family member or agent may file the request.

All requests to utilize days from the bank shall be accompanied by a physician's statement or medical certification verifying the individual's inability to perform assigned duties and the anticipated duration they are unable to work. Refusal to supply the above mentioned information shall result in the request being denied. Employees requesting assistance from the Sick Leave Bank agree to provide and make accessible all relevant and confidential medical information as needed by the committee for their consideration. Committee members agree to maintain the confidentiality of the medical information and will not disclose said information except to the extent required by law.

Any employee requesting assistance from the Sick Leave Bank Committee shall disclose any family or extended family relationships to any active member of the Committee; the same obligation is acknowledged by members of the Committee. Committee members with a family (or extended family) relationship to the applicant shall recuse themselves from participating in the decision making process

Days from the sick leave bank shall not be granted for an injury or illness of any employees' family, or during any period the employee is receiving disability benefits (STD, LTD, SS Disability) or workers compensation.

By written notice to the committee, an employee may withdraw from participation in the sick leave bank effective the end of the current calendar year.   Withdrawal from the program will result in the forfeiture of all days contributed.

A participant shall not receive any sick leave from the bank until after they have exhausted all accumulated paid leave.

An employee shall lose the right to obtain the benefits of the sick leave bank by:

  1. Resignation

  2. Cancellation of participation, which is effective on January 1 following the written request.

  3. Being on approved leave of absence with the exception of personal illness or disability leave.

  4. Retirement


Employees must complete an application form to participate in the sick leave bank.

It is the responsibility of the employee requesting days from the sick leave bank to ensure that a request form is completed and the physician's statement or medical certification is legible and in terms in which the committee can understand, using as few medical terms as possible.

Enrollment in the bank shall be for the current calendar year and subsequent years unless revoked in writing.

Each employee shall sign an authorization form stating that he/she is aware of the provisions of the sick leave bank and also relieving the committee from any liability as a result of action taken by the committee.

Any employee submitting a request to draw on the bank must have made his/her proper contribution for the calendar year in which the request is made.

The committee reserves the right to review a sick leave bank member's use of accrued leave and past work history.

The committee shall act affirmatively or negatively on all requests within ten (10) calendar days of the receipt of requests.

Pay for approved sick leave bank days shall be made on the next regularly scheduled payroll date.

Any days approved by the committee but not utilized by an individual shall be returned to the bank.

An employee can make contributions to the Sick Leave Bank by donating Sick Leave or Vacation Leave without becoming a member. However, that employee cannot submit a request for assistance nor benefit in any manner from the Bank unless the employee joins the bank according to its guidelines.

All records of the sick leave bank shall be kept in the Human Resources Department. The committee shall inform the HR office of all requests they approve and the number of days granted to the member.

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